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Developer Credits:

  • Chris DeLeon: Programming, Core Design, Project Lead, EraserBot, Specials
  • Colton Spross: Levels, Enemy (ElectroMedusa), Weapons (BodyRemover, FreezeRay, StickyBomb)
  • Carson Britt: Levels, Enemy (MagnetBot), Weapons (Corroder, Hacker)
  • Patrick Coursey: Levels, Enemies (Leaper, Enforcer), Weapon (Shield), Writing
  • Peter Aquila: Levels, Enemy (RepairBot), Weapon (QuantumGun)
  • Larry Smith: Levels, Enemy (Bomber), Weapon (Laser), Music, Sounds, Title Art
  • Hal Helms: Music and Sounds
  • Lamine Sissoko: Music and Sounds
  • Johan Soriao: Music and Sounds
  • John Nesky: Additional Sounds


  • Mariam Asad, Humberto "El Jefe" Cervera, Rose Peng, Phat_Joe, David Simoes, Bobby Schweizer, Max Symmes

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